Monday, April 4, 2011

scarf tie~

I just love scarves, I love the versatility they allow and they are a great accessory. I have one favorite scarf I got for my birthday last year, it's a Lucky brand scarf, it's a patterned smoky blue color and it's super long.

I usually wear my scarves three different ways. The first way is just wrapped around the neck

I am not really covered in lint, I just need to clean my mirror! :)Ooops.

 Next is like this.

It starts out like this....

Fold the scarf in half and then pull the ends thru the fold and fix. Also, my friend Sara over at whimsies-whatnots gave me a great pointer; she uses a large safety pin and pins the backside of the scarf to your shirt, then when you bend over your scarf is not falling forward. What a great idea, I hate it when I lean over to wash my hands or something and my scarf is dragging in the water.

Next is probably my favorite.

it starts out like this

then you just tie it, but like this..

uhm...yes, that's a bottle of window cleaner, I should definatly clean the mirror before I take pictures! :)

This is tied once.....then you just tie this..

Then just straighten it up and there you have it...

Have fun with your scarves and try tying them different ways and if you find a new way....let me know I would love to try it! :)

Take care.....Jodi
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beachy keen girl said...

Ok, I always feel like a scarf dork, as in, I do not know how to wear them. I randomly pulled a scarf out today and wore it, but let me tell you, your scarf knows what it's doing a lot more than mine :) Thanks for the tips...I might just try them out right now!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

I really like the last way your wear your scarf! Thanks for sharing how you get it that way...seems pretty simple now. lol. Thanks for the nice comment :) & I can't wait till the wedding! Its coming fast!