Saturday, April 30, 2011

saturday night pretties~

Tonight is Prom Night!  Beka and I went to Grand March; when all the couples walk thru the school so that everyone can see! The girls were beautiful and the guys handsome! It's so fun to see all the different dresses; some long, some short and every color you can think of!

My neice was there, she was so pretty!

She's a cowgirl....she drove her truck to prom and even wore her boots! Her friend said...."I thought you wore high heels".....she said....."oh, heck no!".....!!! I think that she was probably the smartest girl; every one I saw was walking around with their shoes in there hands!

See the girl next to my in hand! :)

I hope they have a safe and fun night!

Take care....Jodi
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Carolyn @ Adrift on the Lake said...

How fun! Prom night is so cool! I LOVE that navy dress!

Cindy @ LeChaiseParfait said...

That is such a good idea, comfort under all of that beauty.