Thursday, July 28, 2011

random goings on and junkin' treasures~

I appologize for being so MIA lately, it's been crazy here, Bailey is keeping us pretty busy and requires alot of attention in the evening! I think she is in the "terrible two" stage! :)

She is REALLY growing alot, she weighs 25 pounds!

And guess what!!!! Jami over at Freckled Laundry , she has an awesomely cute blog and she had this giveaway and guess who won........ME!!! I won a necklace from I am so excited and can't wait to get it.

We had our county fair last week.  It was SO hot, but people don't seem to mind when it's the fair. We usually go and wander thru all the exhibits and of course EAT!!  I entered a pillow I made and a tote bag.

Two blue first place ribbons! I was very happy! :)

Went junkin' remember I told you I found some really cool stuff?  Well here it is! I need to get it cleaned up and put into place.

Yellow egg basket, grain sack, blue jars, old bucket, watering can, scale and folding ruler

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scale. I have been admiring all the ones that I have seen in "blogland" and have wanted one SO bad! :)

Have you seen these in the pottery barn catalog......$129.00! Really??? I'd sell mine for that! :)

So, that's about it for me.  I am going to try and get my mud room done or touched up this weekend and will give you a look! :)

Take care....
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

where have you been~

I know, where have I been???? Busy, Busy is where I have been!

I got my house all cleaned up and ready for my company to come. It was a wonderful day, how can a day with good food and family not be a wonderful day; right???.

discussion at the big table

hanging out watching tv. little bailey dog a sleep on the floor register; keeping cool

my sweet little neice, pooped out; she had too much fun the night before at the lake!(ahh, the days!)

This is my nephew and his 2 kids from DC. Yes, my nephew who is 9 months older than me. :)hee hee he is always giving me a bad time about being his little auntie! :)

I love when my family is all together, we always have a good time and great food!

I am finishing up on the mudroom, adding a few things and touching some things up, it will be ready for reveal real soon, I know I have kept you in suspense for quite a while now.

I have been junking again....remember here and here.  Well the same ol' guy that had this junk had another couple of buildings and I got to go thru them. WOW, there is some awesome stuff, can't wait to show you what I got!!!!

The county fair is going on right now. We usually go to eat! :) The church has a food booth and of course it's good; I always have to have home made pie with ice cream! :)

Little Bailey dog is growing like crazy! I weighed her today.....25lbs! Beka is having a time with her, she likes to play rough with Beka and Beka has a hard time controlling her! But, Beka has taught her how to sit and is working on lie down, so she is proud about that.

Schools starts soon, where did our summer go???

I can't believe that my sweet girl is going to be a freshman in high school this year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am off to get some work done.

Take care!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

coming along~

It's coming along....the mud room is, YAY! :)  I have 5 days to get the room touched up, things put back in place, house picked up and cleaned, full time job to take care of, and a smile on my face.......I have lots of family coming to my house on Sunday.

I can't wait to show you pictures when it's finished! I have rugs ordered and hopefully some new furniture. Not sure if I will have that when my company comes or not.

It's a good thing I work well under pressure! :)

Take care!!

And...., since you haven't seen sweet Bailey lately.  She is getting so big, I can't believe how she has grown. She is doing so well with all the remodeling going on, I am very proud of her; she is such a sweetie! :)

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I love love love mason jars. I love the look of them, i love the many uses of them, the many shapes, sizes and colors. 

This is what I do with some of my blue ones on Christmas Eve. They are filled with white sand and then a small unscented votive dropped in. They are beautiful at night.


I am off to work on my mudroom. Have a great weekend!
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Monday, July 4, 2011

happy 4th of july & weekend recap~

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful, fun, relaxing weekend!!!

Our weekend......

Potty training training this little one.....

battens went up in the mudroom......

hunny ran a 4 mile race on Saturday......

he finished 2nd in his age group! YAY, so proud of him!

plank ceiling going up in the mudroom.......

This will be painted white......

first bath........

not so sure about the bath, but as soon as she was out, she wanted back in!

first steps.........

this morning, she decided to try the steps. when she got to the top, she was so proud of herself!

battens painted........................

some decor...............

this bench is not normally here in the dining area, but in the mudroom....


We have had a very busy weekend.....I wish it wouldn't end! :)  Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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