Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Happy Wednesday!

I am linking up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy 

for What I wore Wednesday. I only have one

outfit today, I have been kind of a slacker lately, even with my posts. We

are having some summer like weather lately, I love it; I am a warm weather

girl.  Looking at this pic, I realize, I need some tan in a bottle; I

am looking alittle pastey.  :)

Also, I normally don't wear my hair up in a messy bun

at work, I will do a pony tail, but today

I thought I would try the messy bun. It was fun and

kept me cool.

top: old navy
watch: american eagle
colored bracelets/ belt: aeropostale
Capris: american eagle
Shoes: toms

I absolutely LOVE my Toms; they are my first pair. I was going to

get the ballet flats when they came out, but

decided to get these instead. 

I have been wearing them all week and they

are so comfortable; I can easily see

me getting another pair for sure.

Take care!


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

everyone loves a shopping trip~

Am I right? Atleast I always love
a shopping trip! :)

Friday Beka and I were off to the city.

She had a not so good mole removed
from her temple area and we had
a return trip to get the results and the stitches
out. We are very thankful
that the results were okay. They were
glad that they had gotten the mole when they did
as it was one that has the potential to turn
cancerous if left alone. So, she is good to go and has
to be back in six months for a recheck.

After the appointment, we rewarded ourselves
with some great retail therapy! :)

My two favorite places to visit when I can; these two shops
are out of our way, but not Friday.
We had a great shopping trip and came home with
some great goodies and good news! :)

Take care.....jodi

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

happy wednesday~

Happy Wednesday

I had 3 tulips come this year! My favorite flower
and I have 3!

So, I picked some lovelys up at the store.

Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday.


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Thursday, April 5, 2012

bird watching~

We've been bird watching this week

My brother and sis in law
went to Hawaii
this last week and asked us to watch
Chipper. :)
And of course, I said YES. :)

He is a little camera shy, but he is
in LOVE with
the birdy that's in the mirror. :)
He is so cute and just chirps away sitting
on his little swing.

We have had a great time
bird watching this week. Beka decided it's
alot easier to take care of
Chipper than Bailey. But, we love Bailey
and wouldn't live without her (well maybe sometimes). :) .

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.


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