Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween~

Hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween!

I will be back tomorrow with some Halloween Pictures!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

sunday morning walk~

I headed out this morning, like I do almost every Sunday morning for my walk. This time I decided to take my camera.  It has been so beautiful on the trail lately, I thought I would capture a bit of nature to share.

This trail is 4 miles around this beautiful, but very small lake. I have had trouble with my hip being out of place this last week, so I only went half way around today.

It started out overcast this morning and about 45 degrees.

a couple of 'ol guys fishing this early morning

I love all this tall grass. usually there are a few deer around, but not this morning.

This is my favorite spot. I love all the trees and usually the trail is covered in leaves in the fall, so that when you walk, you shuffle thru all the leaves.

The sun starting to peek out from the clouds.

wooly caterpillar. popular myth of the wooly caterpillar......larger number of brown bands in the middle ....a warm winter is expected; smaller number of brown bands ....a severe winter is expected!

Geese starting to head south! Oh, I wish I could! :)

Have a great Sunday!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

we are ready for halloween~

We are ready for Halloween in the house, how about you? 

I love Halloween, usually I go way over board, but this year have decided to simplify a bit.  My Mom's birthday was on Halloween, so it was always a fun and busy day.  I remember when I was little, my Mom and my Aunt would make carmel apples and carmel corn and roast pumpkin seeds..... that was such a great memory! I love when I came home from school and Aunt Carol was at our house, her and my Mom were always whipping up something!

Here are a few peeks around the house.

Even Bailey dog is ready for Halloween! We got her an awesome cool collar from Anna.  I just love her collars, they are very sturdy (which is great for Bailey because she is so strong) and very nicely made. I can't wait to get her a cute Christmas collar! :)

Here are some peeks back in time.  We have not done a yard display for a couple of years.  We can't find the assortment of pumpkins and gourds around here anymore.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

happy weekend~

It's the weekend, it's finally here! I hope everyone has a wonderful fall weekend. 


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Sunday, October 9, 2011

our sunday afternoon~

I can't believe the weekend is over already, where does it go?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We have been lucky to have some beautiful warm fall days here in the midwest.  Hunny has been helping farmers in the field; he drives the combine and semi trucks to the grain elevators.  So, even though we are not farmers, in the fall, I am a farmer widow! It is actually okay, I get alot done around the house!

So, what is your sunday afternoon like?



 homework in the sun.........

 and apple slab pie..........
Since hunny is in the fields, I usally try and make good, hearty suppers for him when he gets home.  Tonight: pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy (my hunny is a meat and potatoes guy), corn and apple slab pie for dessert!

Here is the recipe for the apple slab pie it is very good.  It would be really good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! I used gala apples for mine, I love the sweet great flavor that they have!

Take care!
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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Okay, I know i am late for the party.....but better late than never, right? :)

I am linking up with lindsey over at the pleated poppy for her weekly "what i wore wednesday".  It's been a while since I have done this, and I am a slacker this week, with only one outfit!

Top: local boutique
skinny jeans: old navy
black flats: target
silver dangle earrings: local boutique
super bad hair day....we have 40mph wind gusts today!

I also wanted to show you something.....a while back I entered a giveaway over at Jami's cute blog. Guess who won!!! Woot Woot! ME!!!!  I got to pick out a beautiful necklace made special for ME from
starfish !!! It came in the mail super fast and I LOVE it; I always love personalized jewelry!

Take care......Jodi
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

fall and goings on~

Yes, I am still here, I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth! Nope, just alot going on and one little dog that requires alot of attention in the evening! :)

I have been checking in around on some of your blogs, you know I hate to miss anything! :)

We went to the Katy Perry concert.  That was fun and Beka LOVED it!!!!

Fall is coming, favorite time of year.  Hunny and I went for a walk this morning; it was cool and crisp and the leaves were all over the walking trail, you can smell the dried leaves and they were beautiful with changing colors; and I LOVE it!  I have started to get some of my Halloween and Fall decor out today.  I am not getting it all out, I think I am simplifying this year. 

Uhmmmm....lets see what else?????  I took my pillows to a craft fair a month ago.  Here is one of my new pillows in the shop .

I just love the lace on this pillow!

Here are some early shots of the mud room that I have been working on forever!! Yes, FOREVER!

I promise to get back in the swing of things and will get you some recent pictures of the mud room.  I am working a photo wall and that is what is holding me up on letting you see the room. I know you have been waiting forever! :)

That's been about it in a nut shell! :)  I am hoping to get back in the swing of things with my bloging and crafting; I miss it terrible!

Little Bailey dog is growing so fast.  She can be a bugger, but she is such a sweetheart.  She has become my shadow and follows me everywhere. 

When you aren't looking,.....guess where she is!

Take care.....Jodi
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