Thursday, April 21, 2011

do i dare~

It would be so much work, would I love it once I was done????

I found this when I was blog hopping one day; what do you think?

I absolutely love this color, it's Edgecomb Grey by Benjamin Moore. I love, it doesn't look really like a grey, but more of a tan/cream/grey color.

here is mine......

Sorry about the bright; I had to use the flash to get some kind of brightness; cloudy day! This green is not a bright green (the flash made it look brighter), it's a muted fern color.

Mine is Soft Fern by Benjamin Moore, I LOVE  LOVE the green, but I really like the other color too.....I am torn??? If I would change it, this color is in my huge dining area, which is part of where my computer area is, all the way up the stairs and in the big area at the top of the stairs and hallways to the bedrooms. It would be alot of work, but would I be happy with the change????I don't know. Would it be too much with the light color in the carpet on the steps, the same carpet is upstairs; very light colored.  Opinions!!!!!

Take care.....Jodi

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Michelle @ Loving Every Second said...

Do it! I like the Edgecomb Grey. It's a nice, neutral color :)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Hmmm... I like them both! Have you had your greenish color for a while? If so do something new!?? lol. Have a great Easter weekend!

Carolyn @ Adrift on the Lake said...

I like them both so I am no help at all! LOL! I have been looking for a nice soft grey/green and the Muted Fern is definitely one I'm going to check out!

shadylanestyle said...

I like them both too. I have similar colors in my home too! The green is a great neutral.