Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What can I say..... I can't wait!~ I am definately getting a pair of these, they are adorable!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

happy sunday~

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
We had a great week, sorry for not being around....my hunny was home! Yah....the first since he left for his new job back in December! We had a really nice week together, I took a day off work and we even took Beka out of school for a day too, we really needed some family time; it was so nice. BUT... I think that we all ate so much, it was not good.  I baked and cooked so much Beka says, "boy mom it's a feast when Dad comes home". ! :)

Today, though, it was back to business around the house; Hunny has left and we are in "cleaning mode".

We are cleaning house and sacking stuff up for the goodwill and listing stuff on ebay. I realized how deprived my poor little Beka is....poor girl has no clothes! ;) Ha, there are clothes in those piles, that I am sure were only worn a couple of times! We have alot to list and alot to donate, what a job, but it's nice to get everything cleaned out!

Have a great week everyone. I am hoping to get a WIWW done this coming week....I haven't done one in a long time!

Also, Beka caught a cute picture of Bailey this weekend. She is now big enough to look out the window.  She likes watching the squirrels in the trees.
Good night everyone.....
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

seven pretty things~

I am linking up with gussy sews today with my 7 pretty things on Sunday.


1. My sweet dog Bailey(okay....sweet sometimes!)
2. My beautiful daughter ready for the winter formal dance at school. My goodness she has grown up.
3. Steve Madden boots~ just got these, and can't wait to wear them.
4. Hydrangeas.....remind me of summer and with this yucky weather we are about to have today....I can't wait!
5. Oh, my I love this kitchen.
6. I adore this scarf, it just looks so nice and warm.
7. What a beautiful chandy.....if only i had a place for it.

Stay warm....Jodi

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

my new little helper and a new valentine pillow~

I have a new little helper in the house.....and I love it!

Well, as much as I wish this little helper could actually do more than what it does; like dishes and laundry, it does do a pretty good job at keeping my floors clean!

Meet my new little helper......my Hoover Windtunnel just for pets!

It works amazingly well! I have a dyson slim, but have never been happy with it other than it's nice and easy to use on the steps. But this little baby is amazing, it pulls more dirt and hair than my dyson ever did! I can't believe how much it gets out of the carpet which is surprising, we don't even wear our shoes on the carpet! It also has a super cool feature (atleast I think anyway)...you just push a lever on the side and it automatically winds up the cord inside.
You know who....checking out the new helper; not quite sure what to think of it!

This little post about the Hoover Windtunnel is purely my opinion, and not paid or reimbursed by Hoover, but if Hoover would like to contact me about the Windtunnel, Yay, that would be okay too! :)

I have also added a few new valentine pillows to the etsy shop.  I am working on a couple of other designs.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend~they just always go by so fast!

Take care....Jodi

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

oh deer~

Well, wouldn't you just know it......my hunny is out of town and what happens.......I hit a deer!  Oh, Deer!!!!!

I am very lucky, it could have been way worse! There were two of them running across the road and one of the two was not so lucky, she hit the front and flipped in the air. So my poor car goes to the shop next week to get fixed! :) 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I was hoping to get some major organization done to the closets this weekend......so far......I have not gotten it done! Oh, well, next weekend, right!? :)

Take care!
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Monday, January 2, 2012

new beginnings and new adventures~

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

I don't know about you, but I thought 2011 flew by so fast I hardly had time to blink! 2011 was good to us, we enjoyed some family time, Beka turned 14 and of course who can forget......the new addition of Bailey.....

But we also had some major changes in our lives in 2011....well,.....major, but not "really" major...well, ya....kind of "major".  I don't know about where you are, but here in the midwest and in the town where we work, our economy is not the best.  We are very fortunate, more than others, to have decent jobs and family close.  But with the economy the way it is, our jobs are turning out to not be the best after all.  Well, we all know how change is scary and especially when you have a family it's always on your mind to make the right decisions.  But, before Christmas, my Hunny quit his job of 13 years to take on a new venture in life.  This new position will provide us a good income and more financial security, but come with consequenses.....he will be out for weeks at a time but will get paid for his time off  when he is able come home. Christmas and New Years was certainly a big change; we have only been apart probably 7 days in the 21 years we've been married. But, I am lucky though, I have family and good neighbors keeping an eye on me, there to lend a hand if needed.

Now, my goals for 2012 are: to excercise more and hopefully get Bailey out walking with me, work on getting more inventory in my etsy store and keeping up on my blogging, which has been neglected severely lately. Do you set goal or resolutions for the new year? I do sometimes, but this year, I hope to keep up my goals!

Happy New Year and Cheers to New Beginnings!

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