Friday, March 30, 2012

springy door wreath~

Happy Friday~

I am off work today and I am loving it!

My hunny is home this week, it's so nice
to have him home, but the week goes
by so fast. 

I wanted to show you my spring wreath on
my back door.

It's not new, but i like still
really like it.

Here is when i made it
with the instruction on how it was made.  It's super easy
and you always add different things to it instead of rolled flowers.

I better get going, banana bread is baking and laundry needs
to be folded.

I am linking up with Jennifer Rizzo

I am also participating in Debbie's Newbie Party Reunion.

One Artsy Mama

freckled laundry

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Happy Wednesday; we are half way there! :)

I am back linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy 

I was kind of a slacker this week, but I'm trying! :)

Walk at the park
Capris: Gordmans
TShirt: Gap
Sweatshirt: Holister
Shoes: Saucony
Pup: Bailey

White tank: Old Navy
Blue top: Gap outlet
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Pink sandals: Gap outlet

Red and White top: Gap Outlet
Navy Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Jeans: American Eagle
Red sandals: Dansko

I noticed that my pictures are not clear at all(only when I post them)
 not sure why, I haven't changed anything,
anyone else having the same issues.

Have a great rest of week!


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

a walk in the park~

Happy Sunday!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. We are
having fabulous weather here in the Midwest; not
your average "spring" weather! It's unusually
warm here; boy I am not complaining!

So, today, we decided to
load up Bailey and take her on a walk.

We have a bit of a drive to get to the "park", but she doesn't
seem to mind and she is slowly getting used to riding
in the car.

She loves to go the "park"  

Lots of new smells.......

and this is life after the "walk in the park"......

and yes,....i still have pinecones out from Christmas; don't judge! :)

Oh, Beka and I saw
the Hunger Games on Friday night.  I knew nothing about
this movie until she filled me in 10 minutes before it started.
It was okay and I may just have to see the second
one when it comes out too!

Please enjoy the rest of your


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So I tried so hard this week to
get photos of what I have been wearing
so I could do a What I Wore Wednesday post.

I have a few photos, so here goes!

Chambray Tunic: Target (beka thinks it needs a belt-
I agree, but it ties in the back, so I'm not sure what to do)
Black Leggings: Target
Boots: Steve Madden
I am trying to step out of my safety zone of t shirts and jeans!

Green and white top: Gap Outlet
Jeans: American Eagle
Brown Clogs: Dansko

Gray stripe top: Local boutique
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Black flats: Target

I hope that I can keep this up, It makes me
think about what I am going to
put on rather than throwing on
a t shirt and jeans and
running shoes.

take care....jodi
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Monday, March 19, 2012

what's up~

Hi all!

What's up? Well, it seems as though everytime
I sit down to blog, I end up reading and catching up
on everyone else's and don't get around
to blogging myself!

So, I thought I would fill
you in on a few things that are going on with me.

Got a new computer....yay...we got a laptop.

Love it, when I get to use it. :)
we have a desktop also, but everyone seems to like lounging
on the couch with the laptop.
Bailey dog is shedding terrible. Guess she is getting rid
of her winter coat, so they say. They
also say that labs
shed terrible anyway....they were right!
So, we went to Petsmart on Saturday...we are
going to try the Furminator!
She is not quite sure of the furminator.

This cute nest pillow is listed in my etsy shop.
I just love it!

Along with our wonderful warm weather we have been having
we had a couple foggy mornings.
Beka shot these on our way to

American Cancer Society's Daffodil days.
They are always so
pretty and goes to a great cause!

St. Patrick's Day! Did you have your green on?

we just had to have some
green daisys. :)

So, that's about it. Take care!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

some springy easter decor and a new pillow~

Happy Sunday!

I have been terrible at blogging lately, but have
kept up on what everyone else is up to. :) It seems
like there is always something going
on that takes me away from here.

But, I have been working on some
springy Easter decor around the house.

See my new lamp, I am planning on revamping it soon!

I also have a new pillow, which will be in my etsy shop 
in the next day or so. :) I love the nest, it just
reminds me of spring and new beginnings.

I am keeping all my holiday decorating simple, but, I have a
few more things going on, I will be sure and show you!

Take care!

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