Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday.

Use cyber10 for 10% off your order in the etsy shop today!! Get ready for Christmas with some beautiful pillows....even some new ones! :)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving
to you all!
love this for thanksgiving.
I am thankful for my my family, who
I don't know what I would do without
and I love them dearly!
I am grateful for my life and my etsy shop 
that keeps me busy.
I am so blessed to have my wonderful
husband who works so
hard for his family. 
I hope that you all have a very
Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed
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Thursday, August 8, 2013


I am late
to the party...
but I am here!
I am linking up
for her weekly
what I Wore Wednesday
It is great inspiration
for me, since
I am a jeans and tee
shirt girl.
we go
I apologize, terribly unfocused picture and the blue toes!
neon pink shorts-Gap outlet
tank top-Gap outlet
sheer buttonup linen top-Gap outlet
gold sandals-Gap outlet
see a pattern??
I have had some great luck
shopping at the Gap outlet
lately, finding some really
cute stuff that I normally
wouldn't try and also some
really great bargains.
pleated poppy

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

happy sunday, i am still here~

Happy Sunday~
I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend
I am still around, it seems
like life is going
by so fast! My hunny is still
working in Wyoming in the oil
industry and my sweet Beka
will be a junior this fall.
I am also trying to fit in a
sweet 16 birthday party for her.

I am always on instagram
you can find me at
I am there a lot, it seems
like it's so much easier
to snap a photo and write
a caption than
to sit and write a blog post.
I have been busy with the my
that is super, I have been
so happy with that!
I am getting ready for the
fall craft fair here in town in
September. I am going to
introduce some new items which
will be included in the etsy shop too.
I am always around on pinterest too.
Goodness, that's an addiction! :)
I will return to show you
some new items going into the
etsy shop  and more of
my life lately. I'll try
and stick around here more. :)
Until then...
here is a new picture of
She is keeping us busy and is loving having
Beka home for the summer.

Take care.....

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

cara box~

Cara Box

Remember I told
you about participating
over at wifessionals 
with the cara box. This
is such a fun idea. April's
theme was "Green".
As in reuse and recycle.
At first I had a hard time
thinking of things to put in my
package, but Beka was an
awesome help, and we had
so much fun putting the package together.
 I had
and Lindsey
had me. :)
It was so nice meeting
Lindsey, she is such a sweet
girl and she is getting
ready to be married
in just a few days!
I sure hope that this
Iowa weather is decent for
her special day!
When her package came in the mail
I was so excited, well who doesn't
like to get packages. :)
she included a cute postcard explaining everything
that was in the package.

There was some yummy granola, which Beka
and I LOVE, some potato flavoring(can't wait to try)
Kleenex with a pack cover(perfect for my allergies which
are starting), a dispense bag for my plastic
grocery sacks (so cute with all the "go Green logos"),
and a very nice smelling candle(love them too!).

This was a very fun experience and it was nice
meeting 2 new girlies.
Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

wiww and a new pillow~

Happy Wednesday!
I don't know about you, but I am
ready for some warm weather.
Here in the Midwest, we are
dealing with it all; snow,
sleet, rain, cold, and some sun.
We are forecasted to have
some snow tomorrow.
Did Mother Nature not get the memo...'s the middle
of April!!!
I have started to go out
with some girls on one
Friday night a month, we call
it "Mom's night out". I know
clever right?
Anyway...we go out for dinner to
a local restaurant, usually trying
not to go to the same one, but here,
in our little ol' town, we don't have
 a lot of choices, especially if we include McDonalds! LOL
Which we don't of course. :)
I haven't been able to go for a while, but
I did go this last time.
I got home and told Beka to pick me
out something.
Sparkle stripe tank: Old Navy
Purple cardi: Gap Outlet
Skinnys: American Eagle
Black Flats: Local boutique
Purple and black bead bracelet: groopdealz
I think she did a good job picking out my
outfit, don't you?
Also, I wanted to show you
I have listed a new pillow in the etsy shop
I actually had someone ask for a custom order
with this on it.  I loved it so much
I made another for the etsy shop.
I love the distressed or aged look to the cross.
Don't forget, I am on instagram: jodiannlor
and I am now on facebook
 pleated poppy
Have a great evening!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

what do your kids do on spring break~

We had spring break over
the Easter weekend.
I know most people take
spring break off and head
to warmer places to
enjoy the warmth of the
sunshine and spend
time together.  To
finally enjoy some nice weather
after putting up
with the cold and the snow.
This is what my kid does on
spring break with her bestie!

All I can say...
I am glad I wasn't home at the time
and all the mess was cleaned up when
I got home. :) But they had
fun. :)
I am
participating in the cara box swap this month.
It should be a lot of fun. I will let you
know how it goes. :)
Happy Sunday!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Now that it's warmer out
I got a few what I wore wednesday
pictures.  Not that I have
to wait till it's warmer,
but it's light out longer, so it's easier
to get some shots. :) 
I am linking up with
Lindsey over
at the Pleated Poppy
Sweatshirt: Hollister
Leggings: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Toms
OK....yes, my mirror is filthy, Oh, my goodness it is! :)

I have to tell you, with this outfit, I
completely was stepping out of my comfort zone
of jeans and tees!
I have been wanting to wear leggings for a long time,
and I am very self conscious of myself in
anything clinging to my body like leggings!
But, I have always adored Jodi over at Jod a La Mode,
she is always dressed so cute, and her name is awesome!
She wears leggings and looks
super cute, she's going
to be so proud of me! :)

See how yucky spring in Iowa looks!
Navy Tank: Old Navy
Striped Tee: Gap Outlet....super soft! LOVE
Cardi: Hollister
Skinny jeans: American eagle
Shoes: Toms....LOVE and live in when it's warm. :)
I wanted to mention again, I am
now on Facebook and instagram,
 you can find me at jodiannlor
So, ....if you wouldn't mind come
on over and "like" me. :)
I also have the etsy shop, and
I will be adding some new summer
pillows....going nautical! :)
Since starting facebook,
I received a custom order pillow for a sweet gal;
her favorite color is purple.
take care....

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

doing alittle updating~

I have been working on
updating my blog. You will notice
a few new new changes. There are
new buttons on the left side,
I am now on Facebook, and you can
follow me on instagram and
Pinterest !!  My Facebook
page is a work in progress
but it is up and running, so come
over and "like" me on Facebook.
I have been lucky enough
to be working with Zack.
He has been a tremendous
help to me and has a
great blog with
alot of tips and suggestions.
I hope you had a
great weekend.
We are still in the cold
and some snow today, so
this is what I am
thinking today. 

have a great rest of the weekend
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Monday, March 11, 2013

It's looks like spring~

It's starting to look like
Outside it looks like this

But inside....

 spring is happening inside.....


 new bunny pillow in etsy shop

 this little ol' wreath on the can read about
it here

little bunny candle

bunnies everywhere.... :)
Hope you are looking
forward to spring,
I know
I am!


Jennifer Rizzo Fabulously Creative Friday Link
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Saturday, March 9, 2013



YAY! It's finally here!
It's a cold and
rainy Saturday here, so
I am working on
some decorating
and some sewing.
I will promise to share.
Have a great day, I hope it's
sunny where you are.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

insta friday~

Today, I am linking up
with jeannette today
for insta friday!

If you are on instagram, look
me up.....jodiannlor 

I am so glad it's friday, how about you? I worship my weekends, it seems more
now than ever. It seems sometimes time stands still
for so long and the weeks drag on forever.
Maybe because I look forward to my Hunny
coming home so much! But then when the weekend
comes, I want time to stand still, because I enjoy
my time at home so much!
Several new pillows in the etsy shop.
I love this one, I think it's so cute!
Beka is taking driver's ed class this spring,
so we have been practicing! It's so hard for me
to be on the passenger side; guess that's a
control thing!;)  She is doing great...practice,
practice, practice!!
I was in the kitchen the other day and i
peeked aroun the corner to check on Bailey, and this is
what I saw! :)  She can watch the kitchen from
there and when I said something to her, her
tail would just can tell her tail is
just a wagging! It was so funny!
from the pioneer woman. I highly recommend
these, very easy and very good! I am always
looking for quick and easy meals...LOVE this one.
All this week, well and even a bit last week, all the
talk has been this "big" winter blizzard
headed our way....GET PREPARED!!!
So, we got prepared....several trips to the
grocery store and several trips to Walmart,
because, I am sure we will be snowed in
forever, ya know! :) 
I rushed around at work and got all
of my work done that needed to get done
for the week incase I wouldn't
be able to get to work(was keeping my fingers
crossed for a snow day or two! ...shhh)
I left work early on Thurday afternoon, it had
just started.
we snuggled in and were ready
for the storm....bring on the snow!

by evening, it was getting deeper and blowing
like crazy!
we did end up with a snow day today, but
it was not a record blizzard for us. I did have to break
out this bad boy for some help!
Thank goodness for this, or I would be
out scooping forever!
Have a great Friday!
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