Thursday, August 8, 2013


I am late
to the party...
but I am here!
I am linking up
for her weekly
what I Wore Wednesday
It is great inspiration
for me, since
I am a jeans and tee
shirt girl.
we go
I apologize, terribly unfocused picture and the blue toes!
neon pink shorts-Gap outlet
tank top-Gap outlet
sheer buttonup linen top-Gap outlet
gold sandals-Gap outlet
see a pattern??
I have had some great luck
shopping at the Gap outlet
lately, finding some really
cute stuff that I normally
wouldn't try and also some
really great bargains.
pleated poppy

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

happy sunday, i am still here~

Happy Sunday~
I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend
I am still around, it seems
like life is going
by so fast! My hunny is still
working in Wyoming in the oil
industry and my sweet Beka
will be a junior this fall.
I am also trying to fit in a
sweet 16 birthday party for her.

I am always on instagram
you can find me at
I am there a lot, it seems
like it's so much easier
to snap a photo and write
a caption than
to sit and write a blog post.
I have been busy with the my
that is super, I have been
so happy with that!
I am getting ready for the
fall craft fair here in town in
September. I am going to
introduce some new items which
will be included in the etsy shop too.
I am always around on pinterest too.
Goodness, that's an addiction! :)
I will return to show you
some new items going into the
etsy shop  and more of
my life lately. I'll try
and stick around here more. :)
Until then...
here is a new picture of
She is keeping us busy and is loving having
Beka home for the summer.

Take care.....

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