Sunday, February 27, 2011

garden shed~

As spring aproaches (well, I hope so soon) I get excited to think that I will soon be outside digging in the dirt! :) I love flowers and plants and try really hard to have a green thumb.  In our backyard we have this "shed", it's really ugly and I am not going to show you it.  Since the house is 100+ years old, so is the shed; I am sure.  It is in bad shape and as soon as the weather straitens out, we are going to tear it down.  So, I have been dreaming of what I would love to have in it's place....(dreaming!!!:))

source: Country Living, BHG
 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I am still painting; 3 more doors to go! :)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

progress report on the kitchen~

You may be wondering why I haven't shown you any more on the kitchen redo, I am still in the painting process.  It is taking me FOREVER........ I knew it was going to be a huge project, but it is taking me longer than I thought! By the time  i get home from work every night, and after we eat supper, I am tired and I have laundry and of course Monday's and Tuesday's are out, I have to watch the Bachelor and Biggest Loser. :)  But, I will get done, I am almost there and my family will be happy because the rest of my house is neglected; I still have Valentine decor up and yup there a few snowmen too left over from Christmas; I know, shame!!!

till next time.... Jodi
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

an old acquaintance~

Yup, there they are, it's been a while, yes, I know you've missed me, I've been busy, yes, I know it's an excuse, but really.....I have. :) 

But tonight when I got off work and it was still daylight out and it was above freezing; I decided to slip on my old faithful and take off down the street for a run.  I didn't think I was going to be able to make it very far, with having plurisy, bronchitis and sinus infection this winter, but I actually went further than  I thought I could.  I started running last year and kind of had a tough go with runner's knee and then it got cold and I found other things to do. :) But this year, I am going to try my first 5k, I hope I can make it. My hunny did his first 5k last year and he also did a 10k; I don't know about the 10k, I will just be happy if I can make it the 5k with out dying! :)

Tomorrow's Friday,.....YAAAAHHHH! Can you tell this has been a long week for me. :)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hump day~

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the weekend; halfway there, I hope I can make it! :)

Here are a few inspirations to get us thru the rest of the week!

all from la-belle-vie

We have been teased with some sunshine and warmer temps, it sure gets me in the mood for spring!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

happy heart day~


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy sunday~

I can't believe it's Sunday already, where does the time go?

atlanta bartlett

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Sunday.  I will be painting.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

awards and a few things~

I was honored to be given a couple of awards last week, thank you so much!

I was awarded the

Amy has this super cute blog called Petal Picking Designs be sure and check her out, she has some really cute sewing projects!

The girl's  over at modernwivelyhood, what a cute blog that is too. They are two sisters with some really crafty ideas!

Then I received the

Wow, I am such a lucky girl! :)
humblehomemaking was kind enough to pass on the Versatile Blogger award to me! :) She has a wonderful blog, you should definately check her out! She lives in Germany!

So, I am supposed to list 7 things for each of these awards and pass it on to other bloggers.  Well I am going to break the rules and list 20 things and hope that you visit the blogs that have been kind enough to share the awards :  humblehomemaking , modernwivelyhood, and  petalpickingdesigns 

1. I am the youngest out of 5 children and the only girl. My Mom had me when she was 45, she didn't know that she was pregnant, but thought she had a "tumor"! Needless to say, she was thrilled she had a baby girl and not a tumor! :) Both my parents and 2 of my brothers have passed away.

2.  I married my hunny when I was 19 and that was 20 years ago. I love him more everyday, he is my best friend in the whole wide world! :) I don't have any girlfriends that I hang out with, so I am lucky that he listens to my "girl talk" all the time.

3. We only have one child, yes and that is all! I have heard over and over, "you can't have just one". Well, we are and we did.  She is fine as a only child, she likes being spoiled, but she is not rotten. :) I was very sick after I had her and my husband almost was a single parent; It scared him to death and he is done having children.

4. I am a lotion freak, I am always putting on lotion, but I hate smelly lotion, esp on my hands.

5. I love flannel sheets in the winter. I leave them on as long as I can.

6. I love reality T.V. I am always watching the Bachelor, Biggest Loser, sometime Survivor(Beka has dance class that night), I love them all!

7. I have a tatoo. My Mom was shocked when I got it.  It's a butterfly on my ankle.

8.  I love to shop by myself. Just love that quiet time I guess. 

9.  M & M's are my favorite; plain ones.

10.  I worry alot

11. I have a terrible time deciding about everthing! I can never make up my mind. Drives my husband nuts!  

12.  I procrastinate.  I am terrible I always wait till the last minute with Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, wrapping, oh,....just about everything.

13.  I am allergic to cats and dust, and seasonal airborne things.  Dust not good since I hate to dust! :)

14.  I love to craft. Arts and Crafts was always my favorite in school!

15.  I used to chew my nails when I was little ( I don't now), now I hate it when I see people do it.

16.  I wear hoop earrings almost everyday.

17.  I have to wear gloves when I do dishes, I hate the feel of gunky food yuck in my water!

18.  I love my house, I just wish I could pick it up and move it someplace warm.

19.  I love shoes

20.  I LOVE chocolate!!! and Pepsi too!  Have to have it, can't live without it!

There it is!

I hope you have a great weekend, the sun is out it!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sneek peak~

Well, I promised a sneek peak and here it is.  I didn't want to show you too much, I want it to be a surprise when I reveal! :)  I took the pictures after work and there is terrible light in the kitchen, so most of the them didn't turn out nor did I get a good one of the walls, so this all you get! :)

I am hoping to get alot done this weekend, but I have to make a trip to Lowes to get more hardware. While I am in the "city" I may have to stop at Target or Kohls and look for some new rugs! :)

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people meeting~

I have found another great place to search more blogs and find some great new friends!

Kristin and Jamie have a really cute blog with tons of things going on, hop on over and check it out!

Stay tuned, I will see if I can show you a sneek peek of progress on the kitchen!  So far, I love it and can't wait until it gets done, it is just taking me forever; between my daughter getting the flu and working, it is a slow progress!

Happy Wednesday.......only 2 more days till FRIDAY!!!!!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

kitchen redo~

Remember when I showed you this?

Well I went to the paint store today and came home with some paint; guess what I will be doing this weekend! :) So, here is the before (sorry for the poor picture quality)......

Don't pay attention to the bread box corner, that's where i stuff everything and the little door thing doesn't always work the best. :)

Yes, my fridge is messy, we have notes, calendars, school papers and school menus.

I am not fond of this scallopy thing, I may have to see if I can yank it off of there without ruining anything.

So, anyway, that's my kitchen I am tired of the faux finish on the walls, I am tired of the colors and the cabinets and it's time to move on. :) I just hope that what i have chosen to do will all come together and look right.  I have never really loved this kitchen. 

 Here's a little history on the house. When we bought this house (which is 100+ years old)in 2002 the kitchen and the bathroom were the only rooms that had been redone; well kind of back in the early 90's with the mauve linoleum floor and the cabinets and wall paper to match the floor, the rest of the house was old....old ...old w/ plaster, the upstairs had no heat or electricity; but it had character! We got together with our contractor and made plans on what we wanted to do. We had the house totally gutted out and redone except the kitchen and the bathroom off of the kitchen(we figured we could work on those later). We took out walls and moved walls, we added a bathroom upstairs and made a open staircase. We have since redone the bathroom off the kitchen (you can kind of see it in one of the pictures above).  There is a mud room/ laundry off of the kitchen that I want to redo hopefully this summer, there is always something!!!

Here is my inspiration.  Have you ever been over to Melaine's her place is amazing, I am at her place daily! :) I would love to have those cabinets with the glass, but there is not reason to show off my corel dishes! :)  But, I love the color and I love the cabinets.The lighter colors are a change for me,  I just hope that when I am done, I will LOVE my kitchen!

I noticed I have some great new followers thanks to Homemaker on a Dime ; I have also found some really great new blogs too! I also noticed I got nominated for a really cute award, I promise once I get my kitchen somewhat back, I will take care of my award! :)  THANK YOU!!! :) 


Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

follower swap~

Over at SJ's Home Maker on a Dime she is having a great little link party; check her out, I am headed there now.  It's a great way to check out new blogs and a great way to meet some new people.  I have been over there peeking a bit and there are lots of new faces!

Oh, yah....snow day today!! :) We are to get more snow today and strong winds; I am thinking a hot chocolate, stay in your comfy pants and snuggley socks kind of day!

Stay warm....Jodi
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