Sunday, December 12, 2010

the storm has passed~

This was my view out my window yesterday

We had 50mph winds with snow, making it blizzard conditions out. Luckily Beka and I were home, not so lucky was my hunny, he was not home and didn't make it home. He made it 7 miles away from home and went in the ditch. Luckily he walked a short distance and made it to a house and stayed there over night.  Here was his view this morning.

This is his Tracker in the snow. He got up to the field and walked the fenceline to the house, he walked by all those cars and didn't even see them it was blowing so bad. I am so lucky that he made it safe!

Beka and I baked and I worked on a special order for my shop.  This is what she ordered, isn't it cute, Kelly is going to put it on her porch.

I also told you I would share some pictures of our house, so here are a few peeks from around.

huge sugar pinecone, in my huge ginger jar from pottery barn(I bought it off ebay for $11-score)

cute little tree in my hutch

My shelf above my bench in my mudroom.

This is in my mainfloor bathroom.

This is a huge sugar pine cone in a milkglass urn; I LOVE pinecones too! :)

This one of the snowflake ornaments on my tree upstairs. It is a small pencil tree with snowmen and snowflake ornaments.

This is one of my Mitford fiber optic snowmen, I LOVE snowmen!!

This cute litte pink tree is in Beka's room, she had fun decorating it with her favorite colors.

Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend. Stay warm!!!

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Nancy said...

I love your decorations, Jodi! The pinecones are really neat. Glad you're all safe from the storm!


Robin said...

Oh My Goodness! That is scary! So glad he made it somewhere safe! Crazy. And here I thought my little adventure to the store was something crazy! Hubby wins! Hands DOWN! LOL

Your decorations look lovely and your new pillow design is amazing -course the fabulous color combo just "makes" it for me! LOL