Saturday, October 2, 2010

a cozy bed~

Now that there's a chill in the air, I am thinking there is nothing better than a cozy bed to snuggle into! I LOVE flannel sheets in the winter time, and usually can't wait till it gets cool to put them on.  Yup, my flannels are already on! I am in love with the last picture; it's from Eddie Bauer, I love the greens and the tan/cream color; which is what my bedroom is now; I am thinking I could just snuggle down in and sleep forever.

I love the warm colors in a bedroom, I like the looks of all white bedding, but in the fall and winter, I tend to go towards the warm colors; makes me feel warm I guess! :)

Happy sleeping!

picture source:  pottery barn, restoration hardware and eddie bauer
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Nancy said...

I know what you mean. On a day like today with the wind blowing, it's great just climbing into a warm snuggly bed at the end of the day!


Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

I've always wondered if flannel sheets were comfortable to sleep on because they sound so cozy. I've mostly wondered if you could turn over and not have a bunch of friction between the sheets and pajamas.