Saturday, June 25, 2011

she is finally here~

after much waiting and waiting, the day finally arrived; we have our sweet little bundle of joy home. i want you to meet miss bailey; she is 7 weeks old.

don't mind my date on my pictures,.....i have yet to get that set on my new camera!

so far today has gone well, i just hope that tonight goes well too! she has been good about going outside to do her dooty! :)  beka is a little bummed because this is all she has done today!

i want to apologize for not being here much.....the mud room is taking alot of my time at night and so has  getting ready for bailey! i am hoping to get alot done on it this weekend, i am ready for it to be done anyway!  I have also wanted to do a bunch of 4th of July projects, not sure if i will get them done!!!

Have a nice weekend!
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Carolyn @ Adrift on the Lake said...

Oh, she is SO ADORABLE!! I want to pick her up and hug her! Congratulations on your new baby!!

When Holly came home with us, she slept about 95% of the first few days. I think the experience of leaving their mama and litter mates and going to a new place is exhausting enough on top of the fact that puppies just like to SLEEP!

The photos of her make me smile. :)

Jan said...

Congrats! Bailey is so adorable!

Genn said...

Awww! Congrats Jodi! She is so cute. I forgot that they sleep a lot when puppies huh!? Just like newborns. :)Have fun with her.

Dianne said...

What a sweet baby!! We have two miniature dauschunds that run and chase each other all over the house, then collapse in a heap and sleep. So sweet!
Enjoy your precious Bailey!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh how sweet!!!!