Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy sunday, it's a warm one~

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and Father's Day!

We have been working on the mud room, trying to get things done! The trim is going up.....

We have hit a bump in the road which has slowed us down.....

Uh,....yes, that's the temp in my house!!! Our air quit on Friday night and no one has the part to fix, nor can it be ordered until tomorrow.  Last night it wasn't too bad, today is warm! Atleast we went to my in laws for supper tonight for Father's Day; it was nice and cool over there! :)

I did get a new camera this weekend! I LOVE it, so much better than my ol' kodak! :)

So Saturday, since we didn't have air, we decided to head out for a little road trip.  We headed over to where the flooding is on the Missouri River.  We went to this really cool nature center that had a look out tower you could see for miles. I tested out my new camera!

Many of the small towns around are preparing for the flood.

We had a nice little afternoon get away.  The weekends go by so fast, i think this is the only time I am ready to go to work tomorrow......they have air conditioning there! :)

Happy Father's Day to my hunny!

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❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Mud rooms lookin good! I love it when I get a new gadget. I am do for a new camera also, I have outgrown the features mine has and am ready to upgrade to something more professional. Have a great week Jodi:)

Genn said...

Mud room is coming along!!!

81 in your house?! Eeek. Hope that gets fixed soon.

Great pics with the new camera. All those sandbags in front of the McDonald's is just crazy!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Your room is coming along good!!! I love that color!! And awesome new camera!!! :) That's exciting!

Lee Ann said...

wow! you have been super busy lately!! I love the colour of your mudroom, good choice, can't wait to see it finished!! And I am looking forward to seein gyour new addition join your family, all of those pups are adorable!! x

Jodi said...

That flooding is crazy, but great pics! Had to comment because I have the same camera! Well mine is the SX120 but it looks exactly the same. Happy picture taking :)