Tuesday, May 24, 2011

remember these and a story~

Do you remember this and this ?  Well I have slowly started to put somethings in places around the house. 

This is the large basket. I had a liner from another basket and it's on top of my hutch. I think I need something different in the basket, just haven't found it yet!

I LOVE the locker basket, for now it holds my laundry stuff. :) 

I have some news I have to tell you about, about the building that I got all this "STUFF" from!  My hunny was in bed watching the news a week or so ago and I was down here on the computer.  I hear him hollar for me, I run up stairs and on the news is the building that we were in!!!! ON THE NEWS!!! This building is in a TEENY TINY little town about 9 miles from here and it made big time news.  OKAY.....the NEWS!!! They found HUMAN BONES in two bread bags in that building in all that stuff.  THAT STUFF I WAS DIGGING AROUND IN!!! Are you SCREAMING about now!!!! They were found in the are that I spent most of my time!!! EWWWWWW! There were toes, fingers and a leg bone!!! I couldn't believe it!!! They sent the bones off to Ames, Iowa to run tests on them to see if they could find out who it is; I haven't heard anything yet; I will fill you in when I find out!!! Oh, small town scandal; how exciting!!!

Anyway....enough excitement! I knew you'd love that! :)  I just noticed that this is my 100th post....whoooo hooo :)

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Robin said...

Your kiddding! That is the most bizzare story I've ever heard! How did hubby take it?

Sam @ The Junk House said...

Ah! Good thing you didn't find those bones! That story creeps me out.