Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Okay, here we go again....week #3.  I am linking up to Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy for her What I wore Wednesday! You should try it or atleast go over and check it out. I am getting tons of inspiration on what I should be wearing or could be wearing! Plus, I just like to be nosey and see what everyone is wearing! :)

Okay here is Monday, which is a BAD day anyway. I am usually running late to work, so it's HURRY, HURRY along and out the door we go.

I told you, it's BAD, even bad hair day too!
long sleeved purple tee-Rue21
T- work tee shirt
Jeans-Big Star-Buckle
Shoes-Mizuno running shoes

I noticed that my days are mixed up from here on, but you get the jist! :)

Oh, my goodness, someone forgot to pick up the dirty clothes in the bathroom. Don't look in there! :)

Navy tank: Old Navy
Plaid shirt: Hollister
Jeans:BKE Buckle
Shoes: Skechers

Yellow shirt: Old Navy
Ruffled sweater: Hollister
Necklace: Beka's Room :)
Jeans: Big Star straight leg
Shoes: Target

note to self....this looks too bulky!!!! and what's with that flippy piece of hair???

I am trying to layer here....maybe too much, I look too bulky!
Gray tank: Oldnavy
Eggplant tee: Gap
Olive Jacket: Eddie Bauer
Pink scarf: Beka's room :)
Trouser jeans: Eddie Bauer
Shoes: Target
I got some new earrings(lea sophia party) like??? :)

Sorry these are so dark...I hate to use my flash, and I was losing daylight. Hopefully I will get better at this. :)
Black tank: Old Navy
Eggplant ruffle shirt(you can't see the ruffle, they are on the front. I liked eggplant so I bought a couple of them.....(prev. shirt :)
Ruffle shirt: Eddie Bauer
Scarf: Lucky brand...birthday gift
Jeans: Big Star flare
Shoes: Clarks privo

I know that when the weather straightens out, I will have more fun with this, but right now...I am tired of my winter clothes and ready to wear some fun springy/ summer clothes.

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Sara F. said...

You make me laugh! I think you look adorable...well, maybe not on Monday...but every other day! ;-) I love your pink plaid shirt! You DO NOT look bulky! There are many days I feel that way too when I have a bunch of layers going on. And I am NEVER wearing a belt to go out and party again!!! Lesson learned!

Lee Ann said...

I love your outfits, I so need you to give me a lesson on how you tied your blue/grey scarf, I love how the knot looks! X