Monday, March 21, 2011

an afternoon off~

I took this afternoon off from work; I had a 1/2 days vacation left to use up.  Beka had her last day of spring break, so she had a friend over.  They were laying on the floor eating popcorn and oreos watching a movie when I got home; aaahhh, the life! :)

My afternoon went by so fast; how come it doesn't go that fast while at work. :)

I did manage to make some cupcakes and have supper ready when hunny got home. :)

I made strawberry cupcakes, from a box; I am a bake from a box girl! :)

I hope you had a great Monday!

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1 comment:

The White Farmhouse said...

Whether it is from scratch or box, it matters not. It's the love you put into it that counts! They look great! I found you from Sanctuary Arts. Love your blog so far. I am off to read more!