Sunday, March 13, 2011

taking care of business~

I have a little business to take care of, I should have done this when I did the kitchen reveal .  I have had several questions about how I went about painting the kitchen. But, before we continue, I want to THANK YOU for all the great comments I received on the kitchen; they were all so nice. 

I love Benjamin Moore paint.  I have used it throughout the house; I love the colors and I love how it goes on. This is what I used for the cabinets.

 The cabinets are the the wood ash, the walls are the blond wood and the trim moulding is the mayonnaise. 

I got instructions from the store to lightly sand the cabinets with 220 grit sand paper just to scuff the surface to give the paint something to adhere to.  I wiped them down with a tac cloth to get all the dust off and then painted them 2 coats.  I started out using a foam roller, but was not happy with the little bumpy texture it left; I don't know if it was just my kind of roller or if they are all that way.  So, I used a good brush that I had purchased from the store; it's a Wooster brand nylon and polyester for the bristles.  I absolutely LOVE the paint, it went on so smooth, you DIDN'T see any brush marks at all. After i put 2 coats on one side of the doors, I let them sit overnight and then flipped them and repeat. :) 

I didn't paint the inside of the cabinets them selves, but painted the shelf edges.  I reused my hinges, they were a dark antiquie color and they were close enough for me.  I replaced all the handles with new ones from Lowes they are a aged bronze finish. 

The walls and trim paint are a pearl finish. I always get a pearl finish for the bathrooms, trim and kitchens; it cleans easier. I think Benjamin Moore is the only one I know that offers a pearl finish for paint. 

I told you earlier that hunny's parents were coming over this weekend and I wondered if they would notice. They came over last night, they noticed and they liked it; I think hubby gave them a heads up; oh well. :)

And on another piece of business......

Emily over at Nest Nesting Nested nominated me for the

She has such a cute blog, you seriously need to check her out!

There are rules for receiving the award. If you remember I revealed some things about my self earlier. :)  I am going to totally break the rules, because I am a rebel like that! :)  I am just going to ask you to visit Emily she has a great tutorial right now on mouldings!   

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Did you remember to move your clocks ahead?

Take care.....Jodi
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Lee Ann said...

Your kit\chen makeover was beautiful, so light and brght! Just wanted to say I LOVE your header, did it just change? I am never sure as I often read blogs on my ipod and rarely wait for the header to load. I know, I need some patience! It's beautiful either way and I am in love with your chair and everything on it!! xx

Home for 6 said...

I used that exact same paint when we redid our kitchen. We ordered new white cabinets and we used the paint for all the bead board for the walls, trim and shelves. I love how easy it is to clean up and how hard the paint dries to be. I recently used it to do my walls and board and batten and trim in the new eat in area.
It is now my go-to paint for all trim.
thanks for stopping by my blog-