Tuesday, January 4, 2011

white decor~

Did you get your newest issue of Country Living? You have seen it everywhere, I know you have; the stark white walls and the crisp white furniture.
I love the crisp, clean look that it has, the pure look. White can look cozy, I think, if done the right way. All the colors of white, who knew white could look so different. Benjamin Moore Paints has hundreds of whites, I used a white on our base moulding called Mayonaise.

I do love the look of the neutral white, all furniture and walls, but I don't think that that look is for me, just not my style. I LOVE color and even tho I love these pictures, I love how they used a bit of color in with the white.

perfect for napping

Lovin the green walls


I love the dark beams in the kitchen

That fireplace.....makes my heart pitter patter!

This whole room is my favorite. If i was going to do ALL white, this is what I would want!

Maybe i will think about having a room in my house all white, the possibilities are endless!


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Nancy said...

Great pictures! I love white, too. But you're right it has to be done right. And I'm not sure I could do it right. Besides, I don't think my hubby would love it. I really like the contrasting dark beams in that one pic.

Hope you're doing well!


Robin said...

I have my copy but I still haven't be able to look at the whole thing yet!

I know what you mean about loving all the white, crisp, clean looking rooms thinking to yourself, I should do that! I'm getting closer and closer to it in my house yet I still love my blue, red, green and yellow. Still not able to give them up.