Tuesday, January 18, 2011

warm thoughts~

Warm thoughts and hot chocolate, that's what it's like around here! Today was a wopping 8 degrees out and when I came home from work it was a blizzard out! I am READY for some warm weather! I am definately going to be one of those "snow bird" people that when I retire, I am headed south to warmer weather; maybe I will become a permanent resident????

I hope you are all staying warm! I heard Saturday is going to be a heat wave.....22 degrees! :) Oh, I can't wait, maybe I will dig out my shorts :) Ha Ha!

warm thoughts.....Jodi
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Nancy said...

Yea, it has been really chilly hasn't it? I guess it gives us not other choice than to stay indoors and craft!


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Ugh! I'm done with winter, too. Another 4 inches of snow fell throughout the night. It's supposed to be in the teens all weekend. I'm ready for spring!

Nicky said...

Jodi, thank you for the sette link... just in time... my wood stain is dry and I plan on tackling the fabric later today... thank you soooo much... life saver! ;-) have a great weekend