Sunday, January 30, 2011

weekend recap~

I can't believe the weekend is over already; where does the time go??  We have had a "girl's" weekend; Beka and I left the "Dad" at home and we went to the "city" shopping yesterday for the day.  We had fun and were both so tired when we got home. Hubby did his "guy" thing and went hunting for the day; that's were he is again today! I think sometimes he gets so tire of being with the girls and dreads getting drug to the mall, that he needs some "boy" time and so off he goes!  Anyway, Beka and I got some bargains and of course we hit Michael's; I LOVE that place, but walked out with only 1 sack!!!!! 

I have been itchin' to do some redecorating around here, so we headed to the Benjamin Moore paint store and this is what I came up with.

 Hubby is gone next week for a while for work, and I always get the redecorating urge. I am looking at the kitchen, so I am hoping to get some painting done when he is gone. 

Also, remember last week's craft day all that glitter!! Well this is what I finished.

I found these super cute mini clothes pins and painted glue on them and then glittered them with red and pink glitter.  I then used my cricut and cut out the shapes and letters and then just pinned them with my clothes pins. I really like the little clothes pins, they are super cute, I may do more of these and in different colors; even tho they are a mess! For the musical hearts, I took a sheet of music and copied it onto cardstock and then cut with my cricut; you could easily do without the cricut too!

I also made one of these

I added a few white rolled roses to the red wreath and hung it on my back door; it's suspended by a white ribbon too.  These wreaths are so easy to make, but they take a long time to cut out the felt circles.  I started with a styrofoam wreath form and  I bought a yard of red felt, because I thought if I have some left over, I will always use it.  I found a dixie cup and used that as my size ( i think they are about 2") and just started cutting and cutting!

Once you get done cutting just fold the circle in half and then in half again and pin with straight pins to the foam wreath! Super easy, these have been all over blog land; I am sure you have seen them or even made your own; I didn't have to tell you how to make them! :) I can use my red wreath for Valentines Day, Fourth of July and for Christmas if I wanted to.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  They are predicting another snow storm tonight and tomorrow and into Tuesday; I hope they are wrong!

Stay warm.....Jodi
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Jill said...

Sounds like you had a really fun weekend!

Just wanted to let you know I featured your chalkboard heart on my round tuit post this week:

Hope you have a lovely week!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Jill said...

Hi Jodi

Thanks for linking up again. I stopped by to return the favour and follow you back!
Also, did you know when you comment on someone else's blog - they can't reply to you? It's coming up as no-reply blogger. I did this initially and was most grateful when someone pointed this out. You can change it by going into 'edit profile' on your blog, and check the box that says show my email. Then in identity - enter the email address people can reply to. Then save changes. That way, when you comment on someone else's blog - they can reply direct to you!

Melissa said...

really love the felt wreath...I just made a wreath with rosettes too :)

Michelle L. said...

Wow, those white roses on the wreath are amazing. It looks so rich and gorgeous. Cute cute clothespins!

B and B said...

Both of these are super adorable! Cute cute cute! I love them! Thanks so much for sharing! I also love the sparkly pins. <3

Humble Homemaker said...

Hi! You became a follower of mine yesterday so I came to see your blog and it is totally cute. These two crafts look great! I am going to be your newest follower now! :)

Humble Homemaker said...

P.s. I added a little spotlight for you on my blog for the 'swap followings' party this week.