Friday, February 22, 2013

insta friday~

Today, I am linking up
with jeannette today
for insta friday!

If you are on instagram, look
me up.....jodiannlor 

I am so glad it's friday, how about you? I worship my weekends, it seems more
now than ever. It seems sometimes time stands still
for so long and the weeks drag on forever.
Maybe because I look forward to my Hunny
coming home so much! But then when the weekend
comes, I want time to stand still, because I enjoy
my time at home so much!
Several new pillows in the etsy shop.
I love this one, I think it's so cute!
Beka is taking driver's ed class this spring,
so we have been practicing! It's so hard for me
to be on the passenger side; guess that's a
control thing!;)  She is doing great...practice,
practice, practice!!
I was in the kitchen the other day and i
peeked aroun the corner to check on Bailey, and this is
what I saw! :)  She can watch the kitchen from
there and when I said something to her, her
tail would just can tell her tail is
just a wagging! It was so funny!
from the pioneer woman. I highly recommend
these, very easy and very good! I am always
looking for quick and easy meals...LOVE this one.
All this week, well and even a bit last week, all the
talk has been this "big" winter blizzard
headed our way....GET PREPARED!!!
So, we got prepared....several trips to the
grocery store and several trips to Walmart,
because, I am sure we will be snowed in
forever, ya know! :) 
I rushed around at work and got all
of my work done that needed to get done
for the week incase I wouldn't
be able to get to work(was keeping my fingers
crossed for a snow day or two! ...shhh)
I left work early on Thurday afternoon, it had
just started.
we snuggled in and were ready
for the storm....bring on the snow!

by evening, it was getting deeper and blowing
like crazy!
we did end up with a snow day today, but
it was not a record blizzard for us. I did have to break
out this bad boy for some help!
Thank goodness for this, or I would be
out scooping forever!
Have a great Friday!
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Mindy said...

LOVE that pillow. Headed to check out the etsy store now. =)

Sam @ The Junk House said...

Look at that Bailey face! So cute! Sometimes Abby pretends that she's not listening, but her wagging tail always gives her away!

Yay for a snow day!

Connie said...

Hi Jodi, we got similar weather dumped on us yesterday too. Today it's warmed enough to begin the melting but it interfered with my going out with girlfriends for dinner plans. Guess I'll be staying home this evening. :)

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

I can't handle it when my dogs lay with their paws by their ears. Do you think they know what they're doing to us??

Yellow labs are one of my faves, besides pugs obvs! :)

habecker said...

that picture of your dog is something else! enjoyed it so.

over from the link up

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Your pillow is darling. I know what you mean about living for the weekends. I am so protective of that time! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you are keeping warm!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love your Hello pillow! So cute and cheery! Those chicken strips look and sound yummy! Yay for the snow storm! Lol... we are suppose to be getting a lot again tomorrow, but today is a high of 39~everything is melting today and snowing again tomorrow! Crazy! Lol. I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week :) Hugs, Holly

Leanne Redding said...

Definitely going to order a pillow soon for my new home. I'm redecorating!
If I wasn't vegan I'd be eating up those chicken strips!