Sunday, November 28, 2010

goodie goodie gumdrop~

okay, remember I promised a tutorial a while back on a super sweet wreath....well.....

I made some of these for the last craft fair, they are so cute and look so yummy! I have seen these everywhere and Martha has made a beautiful white one.

So you start with a regular green foam wreath, I used 12", then wrap clear packing tape around the one side where you will have the hanger.  Then I used green floral wire and wrapped it around and made a loop for the hanger, make sure that it is strong because this wreath gets very heavy! (sorry for the poor picture quality, it was at night and I have terrible lighting).

It takes about 3 pounds of gumdrops for this wreath, I just poured them in a bowl and started gluing, I didn't pay attention to the order that I grabbed them.  I used a hot glue gun, I have seen them put on the foam with broken off tooth picks, but I think the hot glue works the best.

You want to start from the out and work your way in, I didn't cover the back, just filled it enough that you wouldn't see it and that it would lay flat against the wall or door.  After you are done gluing, which took me a good 2 hours and a ton of hot glue, I let it dry overnight.  After it dried overnight, I sprayed it with a matte finish spray and sprinkled it with white glitter while the finish was wet. (sorry, i didn't get a picture of that part) I love how it turned out, some of my gumdrops were not perfectly shaped, but it turned out, we squeezed some of the smaller ones into the tighter spots. I think it would be sweet to put in a child's room or in the kitchen.  Just make sure no one tries to eat them!

I am off to continue decorating, can't wait to show you some pictures of Christmas on Cedar!

Oh, I wanted to show you what my Sis in Law gave me this weekend.  She works for a huge hospital in the "city" and they have a ball every year to raise money for the hospital.  These were decorations on the tables, she got me one, isn't it pretty, and would be so easy to make....really! There is some faux snow in the bottom with red and white balls of different sizes and a string of silver ball garland.  It would be a fun and inexpensive decoration for your table or decor.

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Robin said...

Your sweet wreath turned out so well. I just love the way it looks. So festive!

p.s. if I was making the wreath, I probably would have had to buy an extra pound of gumdrops - - one for me - - one for the wreath! LOL