Sunday, January 29, 2012

happy sunday~

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
We had a great week, sorry for not being hunny was home! Yah....the first since he left for his new job back in December! We had a really nice week together, I took a day off work and we even took Beka out of school for a day too, we really needed some family time; it was so nice. BUT... I think that we all ate so much, it was not good.  I baked and cooked so much Beka says, "boy mom it's a feast when Dad comes home". ! :)

Today, though, it was back to business around the house; Hunny has left and we are in "cleaning mode".

We are cleaning house and sacking stuff up for the goodwill and listing stuff on ebay. I realized how deprived my poor little Beka is....poor girl has no clothes! ;) Ha, there are clothes in those piles, that I am sure were only worn a couple of times! We have alot to list and alot to donate, what a job, but it's nice to get everything cleaned out!

Have a great week everyone. I am hoping to get a WIWW done this coming week....I haven't done one in a long time!

Also, Beka caught a cute picture of Bailey this weekend. She is now big enough to look out the window.  She likes watching the squirrels in the trees.
Good night everyone.....
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~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Good to hear you had a wonderful time with the hubby and Beka. I'm trying to get in that cleaning mode too! did some yesterday, but there's always more to do! Have a great week! :)