Sunday, October 23, 2011

sunday morning walk~

I headed out this morning, like I do almost every Sunday morning for my walk. This time I decided to take my camera.  It has been so beautiful on the trail lately, I thought I would capture a bit of nature to share.

This trail is 4 miles around this beautiful, but very small lake. I have had trouble with my hip being out of place this last week, so I only went half way around today.

It started out overcast this morning and about 45 degrees.

a couple of 'ol guys fishing this early morning

I love all this tall grass. usually there are a few deer around, but not this morning.

This is my favorite spot. I love all the trees and usually the trail is covered in leaves in the fall, so that when you walk, you shuffle thru all the leaves.

The sun starting to peek out from the clouds.

wooly caterpillar. popular myth of the wooly caterpillar......larger number of brown bands in the middle ....a warm winter is expected; smaller number of brown bands ....a severe winter is expected!

Geese starting to head south! Oh, I wish I could! :)

Have a great Sunday!

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Nancy said...

I love that walking path around the lake! What a neat place to enjoy a walk. I went out this afternoon. Sure has been a nice weekend.


shadylanestyle said...

Good Evening Jodi. You have won a Liebster Blog Award!