Sunday, September 19, 2010

weekend recap

This weekend was busy for our family.  We had Homecoming week this week with everyday was a different "dress day" and also squeezed in picture day too!  Beka marched in the Homecoming parade, she plays the flute.  It was so warm on Friday, poor girl was "cooking". 

Later we went to the game, what an exciting game....we won by one point in overtime!

By Saturday morning, the weather had made a complete turn around, we went from 80's to 40's and rainy and cold. Rick ran his first 10k that morning in the town's celebration weekend!

There he is in the bright green shirt! They had the 2 mile and a 10k race! Only 4 finished the 10k and 1 finished the 2 mile.  Right after they started running, it was a down pour, them poor runners, I admire them tho! He did great and finished 2nd, I am so proud of him. Then after the race, we went home and cleaned up and Beka had to march again.

They had fun, but had to march in the rain!  We were all tired at the end of the day and ready to snuggle in for the evening!  I made chili and an apple pie.  YUMMMM!!!
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Nancy said...

Hi Jodi,
You had a busy weekend, but it sounds like it was fun. It's crazy how the weather can change so fast, huh? Have a great week!


Lorie said...

How fun! It isn't everyday that you get to march in the rain!

And chili and apple pie is the perfect way to end a rainy day!!