Monday, September 3, 2012

August came and went~

Hi All!
Hope you haven't forgotten who I am!
Boy was August ever crazy...
I have tons of pictures, but they are on my desktop and I can't
access the internet to blog on that
these are from my phone. Hopefully I can get that up and
running again soon!
We went on vacation, had a wonderful time. Beka and I
flew to Casper, Wyoming and met up with Rick; he was on
his days off of work.
We took off the next day for Cody, Wyoming
Lots of shopping there....well looking anyway. :)
I could have spent forever there, the shopping was fabulous!

I loved all the southwestern decor! There was so much,
but these are a few of my favorites!
Then we headed on to Yellowstone National Park.
We got to see Old Faithful erupt....twice. Again, I have lots of
pictures from Yellowstone, but they are stuck on my desktop...poo!
After Yellowstone, we went back to Casper where Rick
works and stays for his 2 weeks.  He showed us around
and we did some shopping there for the rest
of the week.
 Fell in love with these boots!!! Oh my would I had
loved to come home with these....too bad they
were $600.00!!!
lots of glitzy belts!!!

Miss Bailey was glad to have us back home!

School started....can't believe
my baby girl is a Sophomore this year.
Beka and her Bestie

The etsy store has been busy....that always makes me so happy!

We have had some hot dry weather, but we
did finally get some rain.

A girl and her new cowgirl boots...

Miss Beka had a birthday......she turned 15. Wow where does
 the time go? Last I knew she was 4 and in preschool!

I wanted to show you my beachy decor out in my mudroom, but all my
pictures are on desktop! I only have a few, but they are not the
best. I have since taken it all down to get ready for FALL!

We were super busy in August, I hope that September slows
down a bit. Fall is my favorite time of year, I can't wait to get
to decorating!
Take care and hope you are all enjoying a nice
long weekend! Happy Labor Day!

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1 comment:

Nicky said...

Hi girl!

I drooled over many of your pictures... first up those cowboy boots... HELLO... awesome... I hate that all the cool ones are so dang expensive! Although Beka's were super adorable too... I love that picture you got of her on the bridge.

And I adore that silhouette of your lab in the mudroom... I wish I would of done that with Scout before he passed. ;-(

Have a great week and weekend!