Sunday, April 15, 2012

everyone loves a shopping trip~

Am I right? Atleast I always love
a shopping trip! :)

Friday Beka and I were off to the city.

She had a not so good mole removed
from her temple area and we had
a return trip to get the results and the stitches
out. We are very thankful
that the results were okay. They were
glad that they had gotten the mole when they did
as it was one that has the potential to turn
cancerous if left alone. So, she is good to go and has
to be back in six months for a recheck.

After the appointment, we rewarded ourselves
with some great retail therapy! :)

My two favorite places to visit when I can; these two shops
are out of our way, but not Friday.
We had a great shopping trip and came home with
some great goodies and good news! :)

Take care.....jodi

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~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Glad she's doing ok. :) OOOOh I love those places too! Shopping trips are always fun!! Have a happy week! xo Holly

shadylanestyle said...

So glad to hear everything is ok. You deserved that shopping trip!!! Have a good day.

shadylanestyle said...

Glad everything is ok. You deserved that shopping trip!!

Holly said...

Love the photos of the strawberries! :)

Tisha said...

I found you via the Blog Hop. I so love doing this. Thanks from your newest follower.


Jenny @ The NY Melrose Family said...

I'm stopping in from the blog hop. I'm following. I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and I'd love for you to link up your latest posts. You can find me at

Jenny said...

That looks like a great shopping trip...I am your newest follower from the networking blog hop! I would love if you would stop by my blog and if you like what you see follow back :)
Modern Modest Beauty

Andrea@ourbluefrontdoor said...

Thanks for following along from the blog hop! I am over to do to the same and follow you. You look too young to be married 20 years :)
Look forward to checking out your blog some more.

Have a great week,
Andrea xo

Greta said...

Oh. my. I love everything on that tray...including the tray! Love your style. :)