Friday, March 30, 2012

springy door wreath~

Happy Friday~

I am off work today and I am loving it!

My hunny is home this week, it's so nice
to have him home, but the week goes
by so fast. 

I wanted to show you my spring wreath on
my back door.

It's not new, but i like still
really like it.

Here is when i made it
with the instruction on how it was made.  It's super easy
and you always add different things to it instead of rolled flowers.

I better get going, banana bread is baking and laundry needs
to be folded.

I am linking up with Jennifer Rizzo

I am also participating in Debbie's Newbie Party Reunion.

One Artsy Mama

freckled laundry

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Debbiedoo's said...

Hi Jodi, welcome back. Glad you could make the reunion party. Love your wreath!

Mrs.B said...

Really Cute!

Christine said...

This is fabulous!!! A wreath that could be used year round!

I would love it if you shared this a The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

Lindy Harnarain said...

Very Cute! I hope you will link up to my Hippity Hop Easter Project Hop if you haven't already.

Sam @ The Junk House said...

I'm jealous that you didn't have to work today! Anyway, I love that wreath! It's so cute and simple. A wreath is definitely on my to buy/make list. I feel like the only blogger without a wreath! haha

Kelley @ said...

Hi! Visiting from tt&j. Love your wreath! The colors and fabrics are great! I need one of these for my house :)

Im going to poke around your site some more. I would love for you share this at my Friday Link Up!

Jeanne said...

This wreath is adorable! Saw you on the Graduate party and had to come over and say Hi!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Very cute wreath and could be used for so many occasions. Simply perfect. I know what ya mean about our hubby's not being home much. Wondering how that is going for you and if you are adjusting to it all:)

Nancy said...

Very cute wreath, Jodi! I'm glad your hubby has been home this week. I'm sure you've been enjoying the time with him. Sounds like this coming week we'll have a bit cooler temps. I guess it is April, tho!

Have a great weekend!


Amy said...

Pretty! The flowers are cute, and I'm loving the ruffles! Would you consider sharing here?

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

SOO pretty and simple! Love the bright yellow flower on it, it does look so nice and springy! MMM...banana bread souds really good! And for the laundry I have some to fold too! Hope you have a lovely day!! :) And Happy Easter if I don't talk to before.

Anonymous said...

Love this! How fun...thanks for sharing it with us.