Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving~


I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.
I feel so blessed and thankful. I am blessed with a wonderful
family and thankful for so much.
My husband will not be able to be with us this year for
Thanksgiving, but we were able to have our Thanksgiving
last week. Beka and I will spend Thanksgiving with
the inlaws. My dear husband will get to spend
Thanksgiving with a coworker who has been 
kind enough to invite him into his home with his
We have had so much happen here at home lately, it's been
so crazy. I don't even know where to begin!
Sick dog, sewer backed up in the basement, brother in the
and it goes on and on.....But, I think
we are finally getting things back to "normal"
around here, just in time to start the hustle
and bustle of Christmas.
I did get out my Thanksgiving decor, the day before
my guest came for our Thanksgiving. :)

 We did manage to get some family pictures
taken in amungst the craziness....
I am glad we did it, we haven't had family
pictures done in a long time.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

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