Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wiww and what's been going on~

Happy Wednesday!
I am linking up Lindsey over at the

Pleated Poppy for her weekly What I Wore

pleated poppy
Someone always seems to think that she needs to be in the picture!
Anyway.....I am jumping on the colored skinny jean bandwagon!
I almost had as hard a time with these as I did with the white jeans!
Although, I love white jeans, I do not feel comfortable in them. I feel
that when I have them on....I scream...."look at me I have bright white pants
on!!!"  Kind of like when you were a kid and
you got new white shoes and they were so bright, you wanted them
dirty right away so they didn't look so bright and new!
But,.....I am trying really hard to step out of my comfort zone
and try new styles!

Striped top: American Eagle
Peachy colored skinny jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Sperrys
Wearing my new cuff from Farmgirl Paints
Love it by the way...I will have to get you a closer look.
Totally stole this look from Lindsey 
Tank: Old Navy
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy
Black skinnys: American Eagle
Leopard flats: Target
So,....lets see what else is new! I have been busy with
my etsy store . I have been adding
some new pillows,
I love the new Harvest pillow that was just added yesterday! :) I have
a new Give Thanks pillow to finish yet too and a Blessed pillow; Love them too.
Seems like my life has been hectic lately. I have found that when Rick is
gone on his two weeks of work; it's super hard to be a single mom.  I have
to sometimes stop and say to myself...."you can't do it all". 
It's hard because, I am a pleaser and I want to please everyone,
therefore, I let myself suffer.  I have
been home sick the last 2 days, because I think
I have run myself down.  But, I have alot going
on right now, so there is no time to stop! :)
I was asked by a shop owner on the other side of
the state to stock some of my
holiday pillows for their
Holiday Extravaganza! I am so
excited and of course going to do it.  This, I hope is the start
of something bigger and better for me! :)
Hope you all have a great rest of the week!
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lindsey@thepleatedpoppy said...

so cute! thanks for linking up with me!


Sam @ The Junk House said...

Congrats on having some of your pillows stocked! That's so exciting! Oh, and I think the colored skinnies look good!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

OMG didn't know you had an Etsy shop. Congrats!! I think you look great in the skinny jeans, they are adorable on you.

Nicole said...

Every Wednesday when I come visit your blog, I try to convince myself you do not live in the same small town I grew up in. The background of your pics, the lush green trees, and even the water tower. Everything just looks familiar! But I'm not sure if we had a Cedar Street.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh wow that's so exciting!! Congrats on putting some of your pillows out for the holidays! So happy for you :) Aw Bailey is too cute! My dog, and when ever we go to my parents' house their dogs always seem to be in the pictures as well. Waggin their tails around :)Hope you feel better, and have a great weekend! Hugs, Holly